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Gambling has become a worldwide obsession with tentacles reaching into almost every aspect of daily life. Government and private lotteries, boosted by sports betting, have served cunningly to work gambling into the very fabric of our society.

The Salvation Army deplores the fact that, with the advent and proliferation of government lotteries, legislators have encouraged the tendency to prey on the greed and weakness of human nature.

The Salvation Army continues to resist this insidious occurrence and cautions both governments and individuals of the inherent dangers in this gambling craze.

The Salvation Army warns of the selfishness in gambling in which individuals seek gain at the expense of others, and is saddened by the plight of those suffering from gambling addiction. Its social welfare experience underscores the fact that there are those who disregard the needs of family in order to indulge.

We assert that gambling runs counter to Christian love which respects and shows concern for others. Even in its simplest form gambling can lead to excess and undermine the personality and character of the individual. The Salvation Army therefore opposes any extension of the provision of facilities for gambling, whether by government agencies, charitable organisations or commercial interests.

Salvationists are required to take no part in gambling In any form and should not participate in any scheme which would give them material advantage on the basis of chance.