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The Salvation Army believes that male and female are created equal and in God’s image with full personhood of body, soul and spirit, and that human sexuality is a divine gift. Pornography is the distorted portrayal of this gift in a manner which exploits and dehumanises it. Particularly, pornography focuses on the indulgence of individual desires, becoming progressively addictive and detrimental to the way people perceive love and self worth.

We deplore the prevalence and escalation of pornography with its images of domination, perversion, submission and violence in, among others, publications, theatre, cinema, internet, television, videos and cell phones.

The Salvation Army believes that pornography exploits and degrades both those who produce the material and those who use it. It is linked to other evils such as human trafficking, prostitution, slavery and crime, with devastating effect on individual lives as well as personal, societal and national values and morals.

A special area of concern is the exploitation of children. The Salvation Army supports the proper education of the young on matters related to sexual behaviour and relationships, and believes that such education should stress the sanctity of those relationships. The Salvation Army believes that all people can be enabled by grace through faith in Jesus Christ and continual guidance by the Holy Spirit, to promote and pursue biblical values, such as love, dignity and respect.

Approved by the General for publication in the Southern Africa Territory, January 2010