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Work with Abused Women & Children

Domestic abuse affects many women in South Africa. One in every four women is a victim of domestic violence, and every six hours a woman is killed by her intimate partner. Many women fall into a cycle of abuse, moving from one destructive situation to another. Abuse impacts on every aspect of a women’s life, destroyed self esteem. The Salvation Army provides several shelters for abused women and their children and an opportunity for them to find healing and learn skills that will empower them to cope as self-reliant members of society.


Carehaven is situated in Athlone, Western Cape, and offers sanctuary and short term housing to up to 60 women who are victims of domestic abuse and their children. Although a strong Christian emphasis in maintained, women of all races and creeds are embraced, and no one is ever turned away due to lack of money.

In order to break the cycle of abuse, the Carehaven programme of support and empowerment focuses on the whole person to bring healing and help her to cope with future problems more effectively. To date, Carehaven has helped over 5 000 women and children. Carehaven provides safety, professional counselling, support groups/workshops, access to medical care and legal advice, HIV/Aids counselling and training, day care services for children, life skills and parenting training, development of practical subjects, spiritual encouragement and support, and love and care.

A phased programme gently leads its residents into self reliance through:

  • Crisis centre – new clients spend a week or so in the Crisis Intake Centre, a safe, quiet place where they are assessed by the social work team;
  • First stage – provides communal accommodation for up to 40 women and children who can stay for up to four months. During this time, they take part in the Carehaven programmes, go to hospitals and courts, undertake training, and look for work and accommodation;
  • Second stage – a few women are able to move on into one of the on-site flats where they may stay for another six months, living more independently and learning to care for themselves.

Carehaven also provides counselling and access to other professionals for children who have been affected by the violence against them.

For further information:
Tel: 021-638-5511
Click here to email Carehaven.

Carl Sithole Centre

The children at Carl Sithole come to us via the courts and Child Welfare and are generally orphaned, neglected, abused, or abandoned. Some are HIV positive.

The Carl Sithole Centre, Klipstruip, Soweto is a massive hive of activity, housing the Bethany Children’s Home, Bethesda House, Carl Sithole Memorial Crèche and the Bethany Combined School.

Originally established in the early 1930s as a home for juvenile delinquent girls, today Bethany Children’s Home is a place of safety for 110 children between 10 and 18 years, who come from dysfunctional families.

Bethesda House, opened in 1993, was the first home to accept abandoned children infected with HIV-AIDS. Currently it houses 32 boys and girls aged between two and nine years.

Carl Sithole Memorial Crèche caters for 60 little ones who participate in five programmes – creativity, story-telling, discussion, music, and spiritual guidance – and enjoy a healthy breakfast, lunch and two snacks each day. They’re also taught various life skills such as general hygiene, and are prepared for their first year at school.

Bethany Combined Primary is a government school on the property, catering for 300 learners from grade 1 to 8 – some from Bethany Children’s Home and Bethesda House.

For Further information:
011 527 1109
Click here to email Carl Sithole.