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World Peace


The Salvation Army, as part of the universal Christian Church, seeks the establishment of peace as proclaimed by Jesus Christ. The Army recognises that the world’s problems cannot be solved by force, and that greed and pride, coupled with the widespread desire for domination, poison the souls of humankind and sow seeds of conflict.

Since there exists in thermonuclear weapons a destructive power of vast proportions almost too frightful to contemplate, The Salvation Army, being committed to world peace, believes that nuclear disarmament by all nations is a necessary element of that peace. It therefore entreats on Christian, moral and humanitarian grounds that all conflicts should be resolved by peaceful means. Where such means fail, each nation has the right to defend itself against the aggression of another nation. This includes the right to safeguard its own internal security and stability.

We also recommend that in a world of finite resources, benefits to be derived from re-allocation of excessive military expenditure should be identified, and the sharing of these resources for development programmes at home and abroad be planned in good faith, with special regard to alleviating world hunger, poverty and attendant evils.

The Salvation Army pledges its members to pray and work for peace, to be active agents for reconciliation among all peoples, and to seek to revitalize the Church’s unique witness to the source of true peace and reconciliation in the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ (Colossians 1:19-20).